Artech’s Paintball Adventure

On a scorching hot Saturday morning in June, 9 brave Artech Team Members embarked onto unfamiliar territory to face a battle none of them were prepared for. Marching deeper into the thick wooded area they will soon learn the perils that were waiting inside and the strength they didn’t know they had to overcome them.

This day of paintball is not only one of fun and games, but of teamwork and friendship. The rules were simple; two teams go up against each other in a battle of survival. Shoot and hit the other team with paintballs before you get hit yourself; one direct hit and you’re out and must wait for the next round. Matters were dire for Artech’s squad during the first few rounds, facing a superior enemy with more experience and better equipment. Although they never gave up, the lack of plan and communication made way for them getting picked off one by one until there were none left. Frustrated, the team knew changes were needed, so before the afternoon matches they gathered to strategize their defense. With input from every team member they needed to play as a team, map the terrain and watch each other’s back to have any chance of victory. As a result, there was a change in the air during last few rounds of the day. The team broke off into smaller groups and communicated flawlessly so no one was left alone and undefended. They used the terrain to their advantage finding superior covering positions and calling out where the enemy was approaching. They truly learned how to work as one unit to succeed.

By the end, every teammate could barely move and had mud, scars and bruises to show off. But mud cleans off and wounds heal, it is the thrilling story of the Paintball Adventure that lives on.

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