Why did your recruiter ask me for my ssn?

Our recruiters may ask you for you social security number. Some of our clients require us to provide your ssn at the time we submit your resume to them. Our customers use this information to check eligibility to return to work for that particular customer. Artech does not use your ssn for any purpose at the time of submission other than to submit your resume to our client. We may ask you for the last four, five, or all nine digits or your ssn during the interview process and depending on our client’s requirement.

If you have any concerns about this, the Artech recruiter or his/her manager will be able to provide more details.

The person who called me had a bad accent. Is Artech an American company?

Yes, Artech is an American company. The company was founded and is registered in the State of New Jersey. Since 1992, Artech has grown dramatically and now has offices throughout the US, India and China! Our global operational model enables us to provides services on a 24×7 basis and is a key factor in supporting our Fortune 500 clients around the world.

Because we operate globally and around the clock, you may be contacted by a representative from any of our offices. These reps all have the same goal — to provide our clients with the highest level of professionals — and that begins with you, the job seeker.