Calling All Developers! Blockchain is coming — are you ready?

Almost everyone in IT has heard the term Blockchain used in conjunction with Bitcoin excitement. A Blockchain is what underpins and makes bitcoin possible. A Blockchain application allows a transaction among multiple parties to take place transparently and the transaction is immutable. Everyone who needs to know, knows it, immediately.

Blockchain apps are being tested and assessed by every major bank and leading companies in numerous industries including healthcare, logistics, insurance, software and energy. Early stage applications are being developed and organizations are beginning to understand what this technology will be able to do and how to apply it. Blockchain will be a very important tool, in 10 years every company will have a Blockchain application.

What is missing from the technology is YOU! There are few people that understand and code Blockchain. Over the next several years the demand for skilled Blockchain technologists and consultants will increase, and on a global basis, not just in the USA. There is opportunity now too. It is time for you developers to educate yourselves in Blockchain.

Provided below are some links to articles about Blockchain and a free course at We strongly recommend you explore this new world, now! Then plan your education and development to make 2018 your year to become a Blockchain expert. If you are already a BlockChain pro, check out Artech US Jobs to see if any of our open Blockchain jobs fit your skills and qualifications!

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• Link to the Free IBM Course This links to a 2 hour course at The login is optional but if you create an IBM login you can earn a badge after completing the course and a quiz, in IBM’s Open Badge program. An IBM Badge is verifiable proof of your completion of the course.